2019 Subaru of Charlottetown TriLobster Triathlon Results

A bit of rain does not slow down triathletes.

Congratulations to all competitors and thank you for another successful Subaru of Charlottetown TriLobster Triathlon and Kids of Steel Triathlon! Great things are happening in PEI.

Thank you to the athletes for making it to the start line and to the dedicated volunteers and officials and in particular our out of province officials for taking the time to travel to PEI and share your expertise. We very much appreciate having our neighbors support our events and Cheryl Tanton for putting a great officials team together.

Our race photos, and there are many, will be posted under race albums. Be sure to check them out

Full results can be found hereĀ 

Age-adjusted results will posted as soon as we receive them

Standard Triathlon

  1. Louis Leblond
  2. Bryan Hipson
  3. Bill Lane


  1. Stephanie Johnson-Obaseki
  2. Catherine Savary
  3. Laura Gfeller


Standard Aquabike

  1. Arend Teraa
  2. Rob MacDonald
  3. Greg Edwards


  1. Erica Doucet
  2. Stephanie McIntosh Lawrence
  3. Lori Edwards


Standard Duathlon

  1. Colin Burris
  2. Bruno Marchand
  3. Kevin Gallagher


  1. Angela Hofsta
  2. Keli Marshall
  3. Claire Driscoll


Sprint Draft Legal Triathlon

  1. Johnathon Taylor
  2. Jack MacMillan
  3. Shawn Amirault


  1. Julianna Marshall
  2. Lisanne Maurice
  3. Leigh Brennan


Sprint Triathlon

  1. Stephen Handel
  2. Derek Gallant
  3. Bencar Robles- Castillo


  1. Kristy Newson
  2. Lori Pridham
  3. Jennifer Neill


Sprint Draft Legal Duathlon

  1. Brad McLellan
  2. Darren Cooney
  3. Rob Binns


  1. Kimberly Landry
  2. Michaela Birmingham
  3. Doris Benson


Sprint Duathlon

  1. Jamie Berry
  2. Jennifer Whitlock
  3. Lana MacIsaac


Super Sprint Triathlon

  1. Adam Green
  2. Kevin Schurman
  3. Michael Higgins


  1. Mika Higgins
  2. Lily MacLeod
  3. Holly Nickerson


Super Sprint Duathlon

  1. Dale Faulkner
  2. Larry Buchanan
  3. Troy Smith


  1. Lauren Anderson
  2. Emma-Jeanne Marchand
  3. Victoria Wentzell


International Distance Aquathlon

  1. Dave Bryan
  2. Cory McGuigan


  1. Cheryl Smith
  2. Merina Farrell
  3. Jane Bondt


Standard Team Relay

  1. Team Russel


Sprint Team Relay

  1. At Least We Tri-ceratops
  2. UPEI

Triathlon Prince Edward Island. We can. We will.


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