2021 Canada Games Manager Position with Triathlon PEI


                                       2021 Canada Games Manager Position with Triathlon PEI

2021 Canada Games Manager Position is open with Triathlon PEI. The manager position has to be a ­­­female because the head coach is a male.Those interested are asked to email triathlonpei@nullgmail.com before 5 pm Friday, May 31, 2019.

Job Description

  • Cleared by Police Records Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening
  • Holder of valid driver’s licence
  • Triathlon PEI member willing to commit time until the completion of the 2021 CG cycle
  • Responsible to the Head Coach William Calhoun, PEI Canada Games Council (via signed contract), CG PEI Mission Staff, Triathlon PEI Executive
  • Responsible for facilitating communication amongst the CG athletes and coaches that they serve and enhancing the overall team environment
  • Responsible for preparing budgets and maintaining financial records under the direction of the Head Coach and in conjunction with TriathlonPEI Treasurer
  • Responsible for making team travel arrangements
  • Responsible for team inventory
  • Responsible for coordinating public relations, including media interviews, under the direction of the Head Coach
  • Responsible to provide athlete support as outlined by Head coach training camps, and competitions both on- and off-Island; expected to supervise triathlon athletes at these sessions and at 2021CG
  • Possesses strong communication and facilitation skills to work with a variety of partners including athletes, coaches, athlete families, funding partners, Triathlon PEI Executive, and CG PEI Mission Staff
  • Commitment to providing a sport environment in which all individuals are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness
  • Required to meet essential components of job and its qualifications as outlined above, understanding that failure to do so within a reasonable period of time may result in remedial action including replacement


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