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Do you dream of competing for Canada in the Olympics or Paralympics?

As a part of Triathlon Canada, a big part of our job at Triathlon PEI is to make sure the right systems and supports are in place to allow our high-performance athletes to excel in Olympic/Paralympic competition or at the professional/elite international level. Triathlon Canada’s National Performance Centre’s world-class training facilities, coaching and sports science staff are key to everyone’s success.

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Do you dream of competing alongside the best athletes in our nation and supporting Canada in the Olympics or Paralympics? Triathlon Canada’s high-performance Olympic and Paralympic Pathway follows a long-term athlete development model.

Olympic Pathway

Provincial sport organizations and local clubs are the main drivers for athletes across Canada striving to enter our high-performance Pathway. In order to ensure standards are the same across the nation, Triathlon Canada has created performance standards that must be met by all Canadian athletes before they can progress to the next level.

If you are a young athlete with the drive, determination and dream of being a part of our Triathlon Canada Nation’s National Team, and if you are between 14 and 19 years of age and your standards are similar to the ones listed in the age category below, we would like to introduce you to our Olympic pathway.

If you are close to meeting these Olympic standards in the Olympic pathway below please contact us or Triathlon Canada’s High-Performance Director, Eugene Liang eugene.liang@nulltriathloncanada.com.

Paralympic Pathway

Entering into the Para-triathlon world is dependent on previous sport experience. Triathlon Canada seeks to recruit athletes with high-performance sport backgrounds into its Paralympic pathway. If you are a Paralympian from another sport or you have competed in elite para-sports, we want to meet you.

If you are close to meeting these Olympic standards in the Olympic pathway above or you have a high-performance para-sport background, please contact us or Triathlon Canada’s High-Performance Director, Eugene Liang eugene.liang@nulltriathloncanada.com.

Talent Identification

Talent ID in triathlon involves many inter-connected systems, and generally starts with athlete self-identification or coaches identification of rising stars through your provincial sporting organization. 


Want to see how our high-performance athletes and para-athletes are doing on the world stage? Visit the International Triathlon Union results page or visit Triathlon Canada on Facebook.


Our high performance Athletes

Martin Sobey

How many triathlons did you do in 2018?

My 2018 season consisted of 13 triathlons. 10 of which were sprint distance, 2 mixed relays, and 1 standard olympic distance. I raced in 6 different countries with lots of amazing experiences along the way.


What is your favourite race distance?

My favourite race distance is the standard olympic distance consisting of a 1500m swim, 40km bike, and a 10km run. I have only raced in 3 competitions at this distance but so far I really enjoy the slightly longer format. 


What was your favourite race from 2018 ? What is your all -time favourite race?

My favourite race of 2018 was in a small town in Belgium, called Wuustwezel. The race started at 7pm and we swam in a lake just outside of the town. The remainder of the race was tight inner city circuit. Belgium had played in the World Cup earlier that day, so the combination of the town being excited with their team’s victory along fans being what felt like 5 deep provided an energizing atmosphere. My favourite race of all time is in Magog, Quebec. It is where I first got my start in triathlon at the 2013 Canada Games and this year was my first ITU international podium. 


How did you become a triathlete?

I became a triathlete after being involved in many sports growing up. I ran in cross country/track and field all through school and had friends who were getting involved in triathlon and thought it sounded really fun. I heard of a local Tri Group that was being started in the winter of 2013 and this is where I first got introduced to Jamie Whynacht, Kara Grant and Kris Taylor. All three played big roles in helping me get my start in the sport. 


What is your favourite post-race meal?

I always like to go with a burger and fries post race. After several days of high carb food it is always a nice meal post race. 


Favourite race nutrition?

I really like SIS gels. Although I compete in short course racing and don’t need a lot of fuel during the race this is my favourite option just before heading out on the run. 


How do you keep the balance between training and everyday life?

This is something I continue to work on. Being a student athlete finding the right work balance for both is crucial. I have found that being patient is key. I have fallen into the trap of trying to rush through my degree, but also to rush performances and race results. Being patient allows me the time to achieve the grades I want (even if it means taking a bit longer than scheduled to graduate) and to also improve and grow as athlete at a sustainable rate avoiding injury and burn out. 


Who is your favourite triathlete?

Lionel Sanders is my favourite triathlete. He is the ultimate grinder and his athletic journey is very inspiring. 


Most memorable triathlon related moment?

Competing at the U23 World Championships in Australia has been my most memorable triathlon moment to date. Having the opportunity to race for Canada at a very large stage gave me a taste of my ultimate goal of winning a medal at the olympics. 


Favourite go-to work out?

At my training base in Victoria, BC there is a local Saturday morning group ride. This is usually around a 3 hour ride with the last hour being full gas. It is a great fitness booster and it is always fun to mix it up with the local riders. 


What are your plans for 2019?

I will start my season early March in Florida. My focus will remain on racing ITU short course. The major goals of the year will be a podium at Canadian Nationals and returning to the U23 World Championships to better my performance from last year.

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