Dan McCarthy represents Canada at Multisport Sprint World Championships in Spain

Dan McCarthy from Summerside, PEI competed as a member of Team Canada at the International Triathlon Union World Sprint Multisport Championship in Ibiza, Spain this past April.
There wereover 3000 athletes from 61 countries and 192 athletes for Team Canada.
In total there were
698 athletes in the sprint Duathlon and Dan finished strong, 13th in his age group. Way to go Dan! Dan also had a special support group ofhis three sons. It can’t get any better than that.

Dan stated, “Canada is held in high regard in Europe and the Canadian athletes were warmly supported in their competitions
making for a great experience. The TriLobster Triathlon in Summerside was where I qualified to compete in this event. Next year the world multisport championships will be in Australia and in 2025 they will be in Pontevedra, Spain. Hopefully, there will be more Islanders qualify at Subaru TriLobster Triathlon and compete in the world championships in future championships”.
Trilobster Triathlon 2023 is scheduled for August 20th in Summerside and there will be a variety of events as well as 6 world qualifying races .
Register today at tripei.ca and give it a TRI.

Triathlon Prince Edward Island. We can. We will.


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