Heart and Stroke

                  Trilobster Triathlon Partners with Heart and Stroke

The Trilobster Triathalon takes place in Summerside on August 18th, 2019. This annual event has chosen to partner with Heart & Stroke to help increase awareness and raise funds.

Heart disease and stroke are a leading cause of death among women in Canada, yet many are still unaware of the risk to their health. Canadians are losing mothers, daughters, sisters and friends to diseases that could have been prevented.

We started My Own Fundraiser to give Canadian women more hope, more time, and more life. Every dollar we raise for Heart & Stroke will fund medical breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and stroke.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal by making a donation today. Together, we can transform the health of women in Canada and bring hope to families affected by heart disease and stroke.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Triathlon Prince Edward Island. We can. We will.


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