Manager Position for Triathlon Canada Games

Job description manager duties for Triathlon Team Canada Games:

Candidate must be male as per Canada Games rules. The head coach is female.

  1. Prior to the games
  • Facilitate and organize virtual junior national event
  • Arrange all travel and hotels for events prior to the Games
  • Arrange for ordering and sizing of Triathlon race suits
  • Arrange all bike transport, bike breakdown and bike reassembly once on site
  • Arrange all meetings with coach and athletes prior to the Games
  • Arrange all meetings with parents, athletes and coaches prior to travel to the Games
  • Be a liaison between the athletes and coach
  • Prepare team budget
  • Seek sponsorship opportunities for additional funding
  • Liaise with PEI Mission staff
  • Other duties as required

2 At the Games

  • Facilitate communication btw coach and athletes as per travel to the race site for practice and competition
  • Arrange all bike build up and breakdown and transport to race venue
  • ArrangeĀ for any needed bike repairs once on site
  • Arrange any special food times required by athletes if returning from race site is after meal times at cafeteria
  • Facilitate communication btw parents and athletes once at athletes are on site
  • Attend briefings with PEI Mission staff
  • Other duties as required
  1. Post games
  • Debrief with all coaches and athletes
  • After action report to HP committee

Triathlon Prince Edward Island. We can. We will.


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