PEI’s top triathletes and duathletes recognized

Left to right, Dolphie Mazerolle- Official of the year, Phil Watts- Coach of the Year, Gaetan Dallaire- Ironman of the Year, Nancy Ripley- Ironwoman of the Year, Arend teRaa- Senior Male Athlete of the Year

Wednesday, November 14th Triathlon PEI held its annual AGM  where  awards where handed out to its top athletes and administrators. The celebration saw more than fifty triathletes, from across the province gather in Charlottetown to celebrate the hard and accomplishments of the 2018 triathlon season.

President, David Boyce, thanked all the volunteers and sponsors for their continued support. “Sport PEI, Amalgamated Dairies, Subaru Charlottetown, Northumberland Ferries, Killam Properties, Sherwood Drug Mart, Bayer Health Care, and The Insurance Company of PEI, continue to be key strategic partners for our sport and we are extremely grateful for the wide-ranging support, both financial and non- financial.”

Ryan Innis from Sport PEI and Mike Eyolfson from Amalgamated Dairies presented the following ADL/Sport PEI Achievement Awards to:

Tri PEI ADL Youth Female Athlete of the Year: Lily Macleod
Tri PEI ADL Junior Female Athlete of the Year: Tatianna Kelly
Tri PEI ADL Senior Female Athlete of the Year: Kristy Newson
Tri PEI ADL Senior Male Athlete of the Year: Arend teRaa
Tri PEI ADL Coach of the Year: Phil Watts
Tri PEI   Volunteer of the Year: Sandra MacKinnon Perry
Tri PEI ADL Official of the Year: Dolphie Mazerolle
Tri PEI Ironman of the Year: Gaetan Dallaire
Tri PEI Ironwomen of the Year: Nancy Ripley
Tri PEI Senior Male Duathlete: Dan McCarthy
TriPEI Senior Female Duathlete: Kim Landry
Warrior Award: Kurt Laird
Triathlon PEI Builder Award: Pat and Gary Ellis

Race series awards were accorded to the top male and female in the various divisions with race series points awarded based on placing at events in all age divisions, provided there are a minimum number of participants.

Race Series Award Winners

Youth Female: Lily MacLeod
Senior Female Supersprint: VanessaBrown
Senior Female Overall: Kristy Newson
Senior Male overall: Sebastian Valendia
Senior Female Duathlon: Cathy Montgomery
Senior male supersprint: Thane Arsenault
Senior male sprint: Andrew MacDougald      

An Achievement Award was presented to Dan McCarthy and Thane Arsenault who completed all of the races in the Triathlon PEI race series.

President David Boyce, closed the celebration by stating, “PEI is full of incredibly talented and inspiring athletes from tip to tip. I am confident that as TriPEI continues to grow, we can build a triathlon community where every day Islanders, from beginner to elite, can inspire success together.  Congratulations and continue to… Run, Bike and Swim with heart!”

Triathlon Prince Edward Island. We can. We will.


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