Subaru TriLobster Triathlon 2024

2023 Athlete Guide- TriLobster- updated 08-15

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Subaru Trilobster Triathlon 2024

Are you looking for a fun family event in a beautiful location? Summerside, PEI welcomes you to the ninth annual Subaru  Trilobster Triathlon which has events for all ages and abilities! The swim is an open water swim in the Summerside harbor. The bike course is flat and fast with a few sharp turns and the run is on the boardwalk that winds its way along the gorgeous Summerside waterfront.

World Qualifying Events are back with standard triathlon (Standard Triathlon –  Neil Robertson Memorial Race), standard duathlon, standard aquabike, sprint draft legal triathlon, sprint draft legal duathlon, and international aquathlon. We also have sprint non draft triathlon, sprint non draft duathlon, supersprint triathlon and supersprint duathlon, as well as a sprint relay event which can consist of a two or three member team. There will be a kids triathlon for ages 6-11 in the afternoon. 

The Subaru of Charlottetown Trilobster Sprint Draft Legal triathlon is part of Triathlon Canada’s National Development series for athletes ages 16-23. Medals and awards will be given to the top male and female athletes for ages 16/17, 18/19, and 20-23.

All the races we are offering are open to anyone who wishes to compete but those looking to compete in a WQ event to earn a spot in the World Championships must complete an Expression of Interest prior to race day. (Details below)

Come, enjoy the beaches and our Island hospitality while participating in an exciting triathlon on a scenic, fast, flat course in Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

Subaru Trilobster Triathlon | August 4th, 2024

  • All athletes looking to earn a world qualifying spot must complete an expression of interest prior to your race. The expression of interest will open 3 weeks in advance of your event and close the day before your event. Click on the link below for details.
  • Full FAQ for Athletes here:                                    
  • Selection policy for World Championship Qualifiers link here
  • Registration link to fill out Expression of Interest (EOI) form will be posted here 3 weeks prior to the event                                                                                                                                                
  • 2023 Athlete Guide- TriLobster- updated 08-15 ( 2024 update in progress )
  • No race day registration.
  • Registration closes July 31, 2024 11:55pm
  • No race-refund but deferral with medical note possible.
  • Finisher medals will be presented on the completion of the race and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals will be presented immediately following the completion of each race
  • Post race food available
  • T-shirts and participant medals guaranteed to those registered prior to July,1st
  • Early bird rates
  • If you are not feeling well or have COVID-19 you are not to participate
  • Minimum age for standard events is 18, minimum age for sprint is 16 and suprsprint is 12. Age date as of December 31, 2024

Accommodations are available at: 

    • Quality Inn and Suites – 618 Water Street, Summerside PE –  There is a block of rooms reserved for Subaru Trilobster Triathlon at a group rate, until July 3, 2024, breakfast included. Please request rooms set aside for Trilobster to qualify for the group rate. Call 1- 901- 970-5725 or click on the link for details and to book your reservation.
    • Microtel Inn and Suites  512 Notre Dame Street Summerside PE.  A block of rooms has been reserved for Trilobster Triathlon.  Two day minimum stay.  Call 902- 888-1500 or click on the link for details and to book. The link is specific to Trilobster participants.  Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham Summerside Rooms & Rates (
    • The Loyalist Country Inn and Convention Centre– 195 Heather Moyse Drive   Contact Number: 902 436 3333 A block of rooms has been reserved for Trilobster Triathlon until July 3, 2024. When booking request rooms set aside for Trilobster to receive the group rate. Check in after 4:00 pm, check out, 11:00 am. May stay extra days at the group rate. Children, maximum of 2, under 18 may stay free if in same room as parents. 
    • Other possible accommodations:
      • Island Home B & B 1-888-983-4770,
      • Baker’s Lighthouse Motel 902-436-2992.
      • Cairns Motel 877-224-7676,
      • Causeway Bay 833-792-1408,
      • Clark’s Sunny Isle Motel- 833-702-0544,
      • Econolodge 902-436-9100,
      • Causeway Bay Hotel– 311 Market Street, call ,902-436-2157
      • Slemon Park:, (902) 436 – 3333. Located at 12 Redwood Ave, Slemon Park PE, C0B 2A0.  
      • Shine Motel 902-918-0410,
      • Summerside Motel- 844-204-0807
      • There are numerous other hotels, motels, campgrounds, and various B&B’s

Registration closes midnight, Wednesday, July 31st, 12:00 am. No registrations physical or virtual will be accepted after this date.       REGISTER! 

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS                                                                                                                                                          We rely on volunteers to help run this event and to ensure a safe, smooth and fun race for all. We sincerely thank all of those who volunteer their time for Subaru TriLobster Triathlon. There are many tasks to be completed on Saturday building the transition area as well as Sunday, race day.                                                                                                                           Shortly there will be an online volunteer sign up where you can look at all the various tasks and time required for each task.

If you have family or friends coming to watch you at Subaru Trilobster Triathlon this year, why not encourage them to volunteer and be part of the action? Volunteers will be able to sign up online shortly at the updated Signup Genius link that we will post here to replace the current link. Or,  you can volunteer by emailing We appreciate your support.

Race Details

Sunday, August 4th, 2024

  • Standard triathlon Neil Robertson’s Annual Standard Triathlon Memorial Race (1500 m swim, 40 km bike (2 x 10 km out and back), 10 km run) WQ    
  • Standard duathlon (10 km run, 40 km bike (2 x 10 km out and back), 5 km run) WQ
  • Standard aquabike (1500 m swim, 40 km bike (2 x 10 km out and back)   WQ 
  • Sprint non draft triathlon /relay (750 m swim, 20 km bike (10 km out and back) 5 km run), team of 2 or 3 members for relay
  • Sprint draft legal triathlon (750 m swim, 20 km bike (4 x 2.5 km out and back on a closed road), 5 km run) WQ & Part of Triathlon Canada’s National Development Series 
  • International aquathlon (750 m swim – 5k run) WQ
  • Sprint draft legal duathlon (5 km run, 20 km bike (4 x 2.5 km out and back), 2.5 km run) WQ
  • Sprint non draft duathlon (5 km run, 20 km bike (10 km out and back), 2.5 km run)
  • Supersprint triathlon (375 m swim, 10 km bike (5 km out and back) 2.5 km run)
  • Supersprint duathlon (2.5 km run, 10 km bike (5km out and back), 1.25 km run)
  •     Kids Triathlon ages 5-12

Minimum age requirement for supersprint is 12 years of age as of 31st, December 2024. These athletes must have experience in open water swimming to be eligible to participate and their swim coaches must verify the young athlete’s swim experience prior to race day to ensure safety of all participants.

Swim cutoff times: Supersprint: 20 min, Sprint: 30 min, Standard (Includes Aquabike and Aquathlon): 1h10min

Course Details

Standard Triathlon and aquabike bike courses – Fast and flat on an open road (except for the first Km which is closed) 10 km bike out and back = 20 x 2= 40 km. The 20 Km turnaround is at the lights at Water and Heather Moyse where the closed road begins. You do not enter transition until you are finishing your second lap.

Aquabike finish will be at the dismount line off the bike. The timer will stop and athletes can enter transition to rack their bikes and head to the finish gantry to collect their medal and food.                                                                                                Sprint (DL) triathlon and duathlon bike course is on a closed road – 2.5 km out and back = 5km x 4= 20 km. You will leave transition and travel west for 2.5km where you will turn and come back 2.5 km. The 5km turn will be in front of the intersection at Heather Moyse and Water. You will make 4 trips and turn into transition at the end of the 4th trip.

Sprint (non draft) Triathlon/ Duathlon and Relay bike course is on an open road except for the first Km, which is closed – 10 km out and back= 20 km

Supersprint Triathlon/ Duathlon bike course is on an open road except for first Km- 4 km bike out and back= 8 km  Standard Triathlon run =10 km – 2.5km out and back =5  km x 2 laps =10 km.                                                                Standard Duathlon run #1 = 10km (2.5km out and back=5 x 2=10 km) Run #2 = 5km (2.5 km out and back =5 km)        Sprint Triathlon and aquathlon run = 5 km (2.5 km out and back).                                                                                    Sprint duathlon run #1 = 5km (2.5 km out and back), Run #2 = 2.5km (1.25 km out and back)                                    Supersprint triathlon run =2 km (1 km out and back = 2 km)                                                                                    Supersprint duathlon run #1 = 2 km (1 km out and back)  run #2 = 1km (500 m out and back)                                       Duathlon starts (run #1) will be at the finish line gantry.                                                                                                    Standard and aquabike swim course, open water in Summerside harbor = 1500 m swim (750 m course x 2 laps)            Sprint and aquathlon swim course, open water in Summerside harbor = 750 m swim course 1 lap                          Supersprint swim course, open water in Summerside harbor – 350 m swim course, 1 lap                                                    Kids triathlon will be updated shortly

Schedule of Events

Saturday, August 3rd, 2024
 Race Packet Pick-up: 6:00-8:00 PM: Loyalist Country Inn, 195 Heather Moyse Drive Summerside PE C1N 5R1.

Sunday, August, 4th 2024
 Race Packet pick up  6:00 am – 10:00 am depending on your race, Loyalist Country Inn, 195 Heather Moyse Drive Summerside PE C1N 5R1.

Location and Parking                                                                                                                                                                         Subaru Trilobster Triathlon transition will be located on the waterfront between The Coast Guard and the fomer Sharkey’s Restaurant at 240 Heather Moyse Dr. Summerside, PE C1N 5R1.                                                                                                     Athletes are to park in the designated athlete parking found across the street from the transition area in the Reactive Health parking area, 243 Heather Moyse Dr. Summerside PE, C1N 5R1 and at  R&S Frenchy’s,  255 Heather Moyse Drive, PE C1N 5P1.

Sprint Draft Legal Triathlon / DL Duathlon 
Transition opens          6:00am
Wetsuit call                  6:30am
Road closure               7:00 am
Race briefing               7:15 am
Race Start                   7:30 am

Standard Triathlon and Duathlon /Aquabike
Race packet pickup    7:30am
Transition opens         7:35am
Race briefing              8:30am
Race start                   8:45am

Sprint Non Draft Triathlon/ Duathlon/ Aquathlon
Race packet pickup   8:50am
Transition opens        8:55am
Race briefing             9:45am
Race start                 10:00am

Supersprint Triathlon / Duathlon / Sprint Relay
Race packet pick up 9:50 am
Transition opens       9:55 am
Race briefing            10:50 am
Race start                 11:00 am

Post race food available throughout the morning

Kids Triathlon Registration at 2:00 pm, location to be determined

Sunday Road Closures                                                                                                                                                              The road will be closed from Heather Moyse to the Ultramar on Water Street (2.5 km out from transition) from 7:00am until the sprint draft legal bike section is completed approx. 9:00 am

The section of road from Heather Moyse to First Street (1k) will be closed from 7:00am until all races are completed, approx 1:00.

Please note: The majority of the bike course for all the bike events except the sprint draft legal triathlon and duathlon takes place on an open road. You are responsible for your safety. As usual, please ride with caution.

Eligibility of bicycles

Triathlon Canada and Triathlon PEI policy on disc brakes                                                                                                 “Disc brakes will be allowed in all sanctioned races. This decision is taken for the best interests of all athletes, to encourage and welcome participation, and to support the goals of Triathlon Canada on the international fields of play.”                          Disc Brakes at Trilobster Triathlon  will be allowed in all races

Summary of ITU Equipment Guidelines for Draft-Legal Racing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In draft-age group events, bikes with the UCI Road Race homologation label (Code RD) are allowed. All bikes in age group draft legal racing must be fitted with standard drop bars only. Clip-on bars are forbidden
Bike Frame
  • The frame of the bike shall be of a traditional pattern, i.e., built around a closed frame of straight or tapered tubular elements (which may be round, oval, flattened, teardrop shaped or otherwise in cross-section)
  • Only logos of bicycle-related products may appear on the athlete’s bicycle
  • Specific dimensions of the bike frame can be found on page 30 of the ITU Competition Rules
  • Wheels shall have at least 12 spokes
  • Disc wheels are not allowed.
  • Only traditional drop handlebars are permitted
  • The handlebars must be plugged;
  • Clip-ons are not allowed.

As per the 2018 ITU Competition Rules, disc brakes are permitted.


Helmets must be approved by a national accredited testing authority recognized by an NF affiliated with ITU. Before you purchase any helmet, ensure it has a certification sticker from the CSA, EN, ASTM, CPSC or Snell B90/B95.  Do not remove this sticker as this provides the assurance to technical delegates that the bicycle helmet meets certified safety standards.

World Qualifier Information

World Qualifier Information

Expression of Interest form can be found here:!/events/tri-lobster-triathlon-triathlon-canada-2023-age-group-eoi

  • Athletes must be a Canadian citizen with single or dual citizenship in order to fill out in order to qualify.
  • Athletes looking to be considered to qualify for World Championships must fill out an Expression of Interest (EOI) form. 
  • An expression of interest is the mechanism by which athletes confirm their intention to compete and accept a place at the Age Group World Championships if they qualify. By expressing intent, the results can be filtered to a final list of athletes who wish to compete at the World Championships, and places can be “rolled-down”. The application will open 3 weeks before each race and close the day before the event.
  • Filling out this form includes a $20 dollar fee which will go to TRI Canada
  • World qualifier events are open to anyone interested regardless of ability. Those who do not fill out the EOI form will not be considered for World Championships but will still be able to compete.
  • Those placed first within 5 year age groups, and who have completed their EOI, will win a world qualifying spot

Some FAQ for Athletes:

  • Which events does the 2024 program qualify for?
    • The 2024 Age Group World Championship Qualification events will qualify athletes to the 2025 Age Group World Championship Teams for the following events:
      • 2025 Multisport World Championship – June 20-29, 2025 in Pontevedra, Spain
      • 2025 World Triathlon Championship Finals – Dollongong, Australia

Medals and awards-

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals will be presented to each male and female category following the completion of each race.

Finisher medals–  All finishers will be presented with a participant medal upon completion of the race.

The winner of the Neil Robertson Standard Triathlon Memorial Race will be awarded to the first Islander to cross the finish line. They will have their name engraved on a trophy that will be presented annually to the winner of this event. They will also be given a small keeper trophy.

Draw prizes to be updated in the Athlete Guide.

Location and parking
Location and parking
 Subaru Trilobster Triathlon transition will be located on the waterfront between The Coast Guard and the fomer Sharkey’s Restaurant at 240 Heather Moyse Dr. Summerside, PE C1N 5R1.
Athletes are to park in the designated athlete parking found across the street from the transition area in the Reactive Health parking area, 243 Heather Moyse Dr. Summerside PE, C1N 5R1 and at  R&S Frenchy’s,  255 Heather Moyse Drive, PE C1N 5P1.

Triathlon Prince Edward Island. We can. We will.


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